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We’ve moved! After eight wonderful years in Boston/Harvard Square, we’ve moved back to my home state of New York, settling in the stunning and ever interesting Hudson Valley, about 90 miles north of the city. Our new address is listed below.

A small, selective agency and member of AAR, the Author's Guild, and Grub Street's Literary Advisory Board, Fairbank Literary Representation is happily entering its eleventh year. Clients range from first-time authors to international best-sellers, prize winning-journalists to professionals at the top of their fields.

Our tastes tend toward literary and international fiction; the occasional mystery or thriller with a firm sense of place; memoir that goes beyond the me-moir; topical or narrative non-fiction with a strong interest in women’s voices, global perspectives, and class and race issues; quality lifestyle books (food, wine, and design); pop culture; craft; and gift and humor books. We are most likely to pick up works that are of social or cultural significance, newsworthy, or that cause us to take great delight in the words, images or ideas on the page.

Lately we have been doing extremely well in the humor/gift/pop culture category, and we’d love to take on more projects in those categories. We do have a strong sense of humor, but above all, we look for a fresh voice, approach, story, or idea.

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Genres we represent:
Narrative Nonfiction               General Fiction                          Literary Fiction
International Voices                     Mystery  /Thrillers (taking on very few)
Works addressing race and class issues
Pop Culture                                                                         
Architecture and Design
Food and Wine                               
Please do not submit any romance, poetry, screenplays, science fiction or fantasy, paranormal, young adult, or children's books. We are also disinclined to accept historical novels set before 1900.
P.O. Box 6, Hudson, New York 12534-0006  /  617-576-0030   /  E-mail